Thursday, February 22, 2007

Old munnar

Old munnar, originally uploaded by monu joy.

Location : Old Munnar

This is the view of the ‘old munnar ’ area taken in front of the CSI church.
This small town was our ‘hangout place’ during weekends.

Fact : there are no theatres in Munnar at present !!!

When I joined my college (College of Engineering Munnar, CEM) there were two theatres. One of them was converted into a hostel to accommodate our juniors (we were the first batch) . The second theatre, Pankajam, was recently broken down . Not sure if a new one is coming up.

Now to a random tourist, I know, this ain’t the matter of life and death ; but that’s not the case of college students living here for 4 years :-).

Luckily, due to lots of trekking / picnicking options in and around Munnar, we never missed the things people take for granted in a metropolitan city.


Nawaz said...

O yeah! especially the time when you sat on a snake and killed it before it could kill you...

Monu said...

that snake didnt lived to tell the tale and so did i :-)

mahi said...