Thursday, February 22, 2007

Munnar Hill Side

Munnar Hill Side, originally uploaded by monu joy.

Location : Mulakkada, Old Munnar.

I lived near this place for the last 1.5 yrs i spend in Munnar. We used to live in a two roomed row house which had no space after all the beds were placed inside... :-)

The road leads to ' Letchmi Estate ' and is not advisable for travel during the night due to random Elephant sightings!

The villagers’ burn rubbers tires and throw at the elephants so that it sticks to them and burns....sad what man can do to such gentle creatures.

Anyway this road was used for my random ' from today i will begin jogging' mornings jogs....It used to be so cold that the moisture in the air you exhale condenses and wets ur nose....i agree, its not a nice friends used to kid that only i could jog at such temperatures.

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