Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spooky incident @ Anachal Farm House

Location : Anachal Farm House, Near Munnar.


Recently I read a spooky story in a couple of blogs

So decided to add my experiences as well….

The first one is regarding the house in Anachal…..Brrrrrrrr……….haha wish I had played some spooky background music when you read that….

Background :

It was study leave and me and my friends, decided to spent those days preparing for our exams in Munnar itself in our hostel (a 4 roomed bungalow on a deserted hill with only a church, a cemetery and the house of the church priest)….of course since the holidays were very long, we ended up renting cd player and watching movies all day long…..the college authorities got to know of it, Anto Sir came and told us to leave the hostel the same day and come back only on the eve of the exam… :-)

Me and my friends decided we weren’t leaving Munnar and it being a tourist attraction, hotel rooms were very costly for us students……so we deiced to go and live with our friend OA (Abhilash) in a place near munnar called Anachal.

The Farm House :

The piece of land on which the house was situated was in a deserted location…you had an uphill walk of 10 min to reach the gate of the plot and once you hit the road, you have another 15 min walk to reach the nearest shop/house.

Now this plot itself located in a densely wooded area prone to frequent rain and thunderstorms…

OA and Spooky Tales :

Our friend OA gave us with the best hospitality and that’s for another blog post….this one is about the other inhabitants of the plot.
ie, Spirits or Ghosts :-P…..

Me and OA used to sleep in the front room and the others in another bigger room... We often used to chat up after lights out and once during a chat I heard some sounds outside…I whispered to OA but he was already asleep….so i decided to leave it as the sounds had stopped….later when I asked him, he said he too has heard the sounds frequently (with the strong winds and the large canopy of trees it was natural I guess…but these sounds…they were different)…..i asked him what did he do when he heard them…..he replied “just ignore them and sleep” as there was no other option….Now OA is a simple guy with very few words and a big smile on his face….always…I have never seen him angry…..

He told me that the plantation workers lived in a room of the house for a couple of weeks and they were so scared by the late night sounds and curious incidents that they painted the crosses to ward of spirits….

Well now I was listening with 100 percent attention as I had noticed those crosses when I came to this place…

As I was now familiar with the sounds, I asked him about the curious incidents….

He said this happened twice and both times it was well past mid night….it seems people coming alone along the road into the plot did not reach the house….when search parties went to look for them, they were found walking around the old well at the edge of the plot as if in a trance…the people had to splash water on their face to wake them up from the trance and they said that all they remember is that they were walking towards the house but the journey was not ending…..hmmmm….

Well these incidents awakened the dormant fear of the dark in me which, till now subdued by the densely populated city, had re awaken in the deserted farmhouse with a vengeance….

The Incident:

Since we did not do cooking, having food meant a walk of around 25…
One day we left for dinner….The 10min walk to the main road is through a natural dry leaves covered path snaking through the plot formed by inhabitants of the house….When you walk, you end up rustling the leaves and we were always wary of snakes during the walk……

Well that day after reaching the main road, as we were walking towards the town I got the natures call and decided to return back to the house telling my friends to get my dinner for me.

Now as I entered the plot , I realized that I was going to walk alone through this path for the first time…..of course since I had been living right next to a cemetery for a year, I was not scared by spirits or ghosts stuff…(or so I thought)….

Well down I came, rustling the leave covered path, humming a song on the pretext of enacting a ‘calm person’ which was a really fa├žade to hide my nervousness….

After some 15 min I was sitting on the veranda…the courtyard was dimly light with the feeble power of the lonely 100w bulb and the boundaries were so dark that you couldn’t see anything beyond….Suddenly I heard the familiar sounds of someone returning from the path uphill…..i wondered why my friends were returning so soon and waited for the familiar sounds of animated conversations to float in…then as the sounds drew nearer(that night there was no wind at all….absolute silence albeit with the sounds of the forest), it became apparent that there was only a single person returning……As the footsteps reached the boundary of the courtyard I shifted my position to see who was about to walk into the light of the faithful bulb….. But no one came…..the sounds stopped…..

Now me and my friends had been sharing ghost stories for the entire week (the spooky location kindled our memories and imaginations ) and I deiced that it was one of my friends playing a prank on me…..i started calling out the their names and telling them to come into the light where I could see them…..but no response……so I walked up to the spot where the light lost the battle with the dense darkness and stopped to listen….nothing….i walked into the dark path….still no sound and no life form….suddenly I heard the foot steps of someone behind the house ….as if the person had stopped at the courtyard entrance and decided to circle the perimeter to reach the rear of the house (my imagination was going full throttle)….now at that precise moment the winds returned whose absence I had totally forgotten about…My already rattled mind told me that now I couldn’t hear the footsteps clearly and hence cant pin point the location of anyone….in a flash I was inside the house, the door bolted firmly…..after half an hour my friends returned…and boy did I have a story of my own to tell them…. :-)

PS: many of my friends have heard the sounds n foot steps during our 2/3 week stay at that Farmhouse and I heard the present occupants still do…


Cool Cancerian said...

Oooh! You had me scared!! But why have you tagged this post with 'humor'?? I came here expecting a laugh! :-)

Cool Cancerian said...

Oh by the way, I am Shail from shailsnest.

Tony said...

hmmm... interesting! :)
looks like everybody has at least one story of this kind handy! :)