Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Movie Reviews : GhostRider and Nishabd

Location: Seetha Devi / Devikulam Lake (Amit, me and his brother)


i am not able to restrict my desire to do some posts besides the pictures i startying Movie reviews :-)

Ghost Rider : 2.5 / 5

In spite of reading 'n' number of bad reviews about this movie i went to see it because of my room mate...well, since everyone knows that Nicholas cage cant act, this movie ain’t a complete loss of money....

  • Nicholas cage turns into a skull faced super hero which means you dont have to watch him act!
  • Eva Mendes
  • Some animations done by a chennai firm


  • Stunts are too short (maybe due to cost constraints)

Nishabd : 3/5

RGV tries his hand at 'Lolita'...
I had read that this movie was shot at never before seen locations of Munnar....having lived there for 4 years this caught my curiosity...

The lake shown in the beginning is known as 'Seetha Devi Lake' or 'Devikulam lake' and is a well known destination of Munnar Engg College students. The song 'Ariyathe parayathey' from Udhyannanu tharam and the song 'Aa raha hoon mein' by Bombay Vikings were also picturised here in the past.


  • Munnar :-)
  • Kudos for touching a sensitive subject.....Big B did the same with KANK
  • Reminds us that elder persons also have the desires to leave the disciplined, 9 to 5 job oriented, no fun, life and live as a kid with no responsibilities and no 2nd thoughts.
  • Not too much melodrama....
  • Tense situations enacted naturally. Revathy and Naser have done good jobs.


  • Due to the 'tint' given to the movie , the beauty of Munnar is subdued...maybe RGV did not want the viewers to give more importance to the beauty of Munnar :-)
  • Can’t understand why the girl has to be provocatively dressed for a man to fall for her.
  • The last dialogue was faltoo - "I went to die today....her thoughts are eating me hollow from the inside, i can’t live like this...i came back because i couldn’t die....i want to live for some more that i can think about her a bit more" phulzzzz...

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