Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dog Fighting and Modern day Hunting : Sports or plain Cruelty ?

I remember the first time I walked with my GreatDane around my home.I felt happy and content that I had at last got a dog of my own after years of waiting. But come to think of it now , it was never about 'I got the biggest meanest dog on the street' kind of thing. On the contrary, I used to walk my 2 GreatDanes during the 30min city scheduled electricity cuts, when even the street lights were off, as somehow I felt odd walking with 2 big dogs in the small suburban area where I lived, where people had hardly ever seen something as big as a GreatDane dog. Somehow I felt that walking with them during the day time or when people were walking in the streets was pompous in nature. But yes I did like it when the street dogs came running up for a challenge and then ran away when the saw the size of my dogs up close...It fed my ego and it felt good.

So when I heard about dog fighting back then, I always thought it was an awesome way to see which dog was the king of the street or something like that and wanted to know more about it but then the internet was still unknown to me. But I always thought there was nothing cruel in it because after all the dogs quickly give up in confrontations with hardly any bloodshed. But this weekend while watching videos randomly on Youtube I came across some real information about the world of Dog fighting. Especially about the Pit Bull...These dogs are breed to fight till the last breath by owners who say they 'love the dogs' but who also kill the dogs which give up in the fight, just to 'purify' future generations of fighting dogs from the weaker ones. Shocking was to discover that even 10 week old Pit bull pups are put in fights !

Hope this gets eradicated completely in US and all over the world in places like in Japan and Italy where its common. A 50 min documentary on this topic is shown below...Not for the faint of hearts...

And the price for this 'sport of game dogs' is paid by the kids who get mauled or killed by some fighting dogs that gets loose, and more so by the countless harmless pit bull pets which get banned or euthanized due to the stigma,fear and hatred associated with the breed.

Some facts about the dog Helen Keller had :

A quick search on the internet will show up similar 'bloody sports' like bear baiting in South Carolina where hunting dogs are trained by having them attack a chained Bear whose teeth have been removed and the nails filed down so that the Bear has no defense against the batch after batch of dogs which attack the same Bear all day long to get their hunting training. And modern day hunting with packs of dogs, all terrain 4X4 vehicles and modern machine guns all going after a single scared Bear hiding up in a tree or a wild Hog running for his life is somehow not sporting.

Check out an old blog of mine on the old fashion way of hunting.

Maybe its all hypocrisy coming from a person who eats meat and chicken from animals mass produced like 'vegetables' but somehow I feel that the fun in any challenge is when the odds are at least evenly poised if not stacked up against you.

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