Thursday, March 26, 2009

1st day show of Mohanlal movie Sagar alias Jacky

Movie ticket bought in 'black' - 100 Rs
Egg puff(2) - 16 Rs

Sprite - 12 Rs

Seeing Moh
an Lal's latest release 1st day in the super stars home ground - SreeKumar theatre,thiruvananthapuram,with a sea of liked minded fans - Priceless

This idea has been borrowed a zillion times from a famous tv ad by many, but to put in perspective the importance of this occasion i couldn't think up of something else.

Thursday noon saw me standing outside the Thriruvanathapuram railway station having completed a 15 hr train journey, for a visit to home town.I had already made plans to see the movie Sagar Alias Jackey with my friends on the coming Saturday. On my way to the bus stop to catch a bus to home sweet home, I had to cross the Sree Kumar theater and the sea of fans thronging the theater premises attracted me to there.

Fans of Mohanlal were taking mini processions (separate ones by each fan club) around the theatre premises with some using decorated auto rickshaws and other vehicles to carry the banners and posters.

The energy in the air was electrifying - all around me were fans of the stars braving the heat,the crowd and the angry policemen for one simple reason - to see their super star on the screen on the first day.

Thinking that i could be able to book the tickets for the weekend i stood their for some time. When i entered inside i escaped barely from a couple of stampedes when the policemen did mock charges waving their latties to control the crowd.I decided to stay outside and click some pics. Out of nowhere a guy approached me and asked if i wanted tickets in black. It was like asking a kid standing in front of the candy shop if he wanted one. Of course i said and paid 100 rs for a 35 rs ticket. After all i have paid 120 per movie in Chennai multiplexs for so many movies and to get a lal first day ticket in Sreekumar theater didnt require much thinking.

Now that i got the ticket in my hand, the only question was how to get in ?

The gates were locked and the security guy told that they will not open as already too many people were inside. The only option - jump the wall waving your ticket so that the police don't beat you. Now i had a heavy backpack as i was straight out of the railway station. Those who know me know that i am not the skinny type ;-). So i climbed the wall over the pointed Steele bars (which reminded me how mercilessly i used to laugh when i saw guys getting hurt in similar situations in movies).

Once inside it was pretty simple - hold onto your purse and mobile like your life depended on it and flow with the crowd to get inside.

Pieces of papers were flying around, guys running around waving their shirts screaming. The noise when Mohan Lal name was shown in the openinig credits and when finally the star came was awesome. This picture is the entrance scene.

Although i had my camera in my bag, i decided to use my cell lest they book me for piracy or something.

The movie is aimed clearly at the fans. The story is average with no importance or depth to any other characters other than the super star's. Bhawana is not an actress who can make us believe that Lal's character will fall for her. Jothirmayi's item song is below average.Compared to this, Big B had better characters,music and even punch dialogues. But compared to 'Bilal', Sagar Alias Jackey wins hands down. Only problem is Lal has little to showcase his acting skills and there is no emotion on his face.The character neednt have been so serious.
The visuals are great, the camera work superb and seems lots of money has been spent on it seeing all those cars and planes.
So if you are a lal fan, go with a gang of friends and have a blast.


Anonymous said...

Gr88888...ghar pahunchte maje suru aur haa happy easter

vivek said...

Lalettan Kiiii

mahadevan thampi said...

lettan kii is ur best blog...i was in full energy reading the i feel i miss it so badly....

Arun said...

dei...nee puliyaanu ketta ....good writing skills!!... seems like a good time pass movie..well def watch it..