Monday, April 16, 2007

You,Me and Dupree

Rating : 3.5/5

A good movie showcasing that serious things about life can be told with the help of comedy…The movie will appear more realistic to guys as its made with our perspective. (The scene where one guy runs to collect the porn collection thrown away by a friend fits the bill) In the movie drupe burns down the house by being careless with candles… One of my close friends started burning newspaper in a non ventilated room saying ‘its so cold’… The character of Owen Wilson is a person who does not want to take life seriously. He lives for each day and does not worry about the future.
Everyone would have seen a person similar to the character of Owen Wilson. Someone who thinks about everyone else except himself, someone who is happy to take each day as it comes and does not want to ‘spoil’ today’s joy with the uncertainties of tomorrow.

For me the movie also had some personal connections as I happen to know 3 real life duprees !!! The character of Matt Dillon is impressive simply because the movie shows some negative streaks in its main lead. The character has jealous feelings, gets angry at the father in law and resorts to frequent outbursts.
One can relate to Matt dillons feeling of wanting to help drupee as Matt knows that deep down drupee is just a honest fun loving kid who refuses to face the facts of life. The character of Kate Hudson is realistic in nature. It shows the problems faced by the Wife once the honeymoon period is over and work takes a front seat instead of time spent together.

Hilarious scenes which most guys can relate to…
Not a mushy love story
Great star cast.
The ending takes a dig at the motivational speakers who are now sporting up like wild mushrooms.

Ending could have been a bit less dramatic but then it’s a movie right?


Karteek said...

Where did you see Matt Damon in the movie ???

Monu Joy said...

Thanks bro....i mixed up the Damons n the Dillons